Christmas Advent House

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Christmas Advent House offers various options for your house. Choose designs of various elements which best reflects your dream house for a unique, custom feel. These options are included with your house.


Tower Design (Option Included)

Christmas Advent House Tower




Choose the style that best reflects your dream house. Each house owner can choose from our Original, Gothic, Double Gothic or Trefoil designs and comes standard with each Christmas Advent House.

Shown: Original Design (left)

Tower 1: Original Tower 2: Gothic Tower 3: Double Gothic Tower 4: Quatrefoil
(Formerly Trefoil)
Tower 5: Trefoil      
Tower 5: Updated Trefoil      

Front Door: (Option Included)

Christmas Advent House Front Door









Which door reflects the character of your Christmas Advent House? We offer six different designs for your house. Choose from our Original, Triple Panel Fancy, Triple Panel Box, Double Arch, Triple Arch and Gothic designs.

Shown: Original Design (left) and others (with Enhancement Package dentil molding & accent pieces). Door are created in our original Green color. (Red customer door color available as an Extra).

Option 2 Option 2 Option 2
Door 1: Original Door 2: Triple Panel Fancy Door 3: Triple Panel Box
Option 2 Option 2 Option 2
Door 4: Triple Panel Arch Door 5: Double Panel Arch Door 6: Gothic
Fence Design (Option Included) Traditional or Gothic? Each Fence Design will completely transform the overall look of your Christmas Advent House.
  Design 1: Traditional Fence
  Design 2: Gothic Fence

Customizable Plaque (Included)

Christmas Advent House Plaque



Each house is outfitted with a plaque to cormemorate it's creation. Your Plaque Includes:

- House Number
Year Built
Family Name
- Our Standard Inscription.

A personal inscription of your choosing may be included.


Enhance your holiday with a Christmas Advent House loaded with upgrades for a small additional price. These *extras are sure to make your house more grand with a sense of personal style .
Christmas Advent House Enhancements

Enhancement Package

Add more detail to your house with enhanced window treatments and dentil molding. These decorative additions add a wonderful piece of detail to the house, front door and the tops and side of each window frame.

This elegant enhancement adds a touch of sophistication to each house. Some elements of the enhancement package can also be added to most previously built houses and self-installed.


Christmas Advent House Enhancements



Coach Lights

There is nothing more elegant than the soft glow of these magnificent Coach Lights.
This extra comes with two (2) Coach Lights that flank the Front Door. With the flip of a switch, brighten your Christmas Advent House a little bit more.




Clock Tower

Our newest extra is absolutely majestic! This working Clock Tower will be the highlight of your Christmas Advent House as it countdown the hours to Christmas.

Available to new, and existing Homeowners. Existing Homeowners, Click Here to purchase your Clock Tower.

Christmas Advent House Enhancements

Wrought Iron Style Door

Bring out the majestic look of your front entrance and let light stream through our Wrought Iron Style Door. This is the only door not available in our customer red color.

Christmas Advent House Dormers

Extra Dormers

Make your House really come alive with extra dormers which are placed on each side of the 3rd floor. There are two dormers on each side (total of four) and light the Christmas Advent House with a more grand appearance.


Christmas Advent House Your Additions Your Additions

Have a feature you'd like added to your house? Let us know and our elves may be able to make it happen.


* Please note that extras and customization will incur extra build time, which may delay the completion of the placed order.

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