Christmas Advent House

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As are currently in production for or 2022 Houses. Here is a list of many frequently asked questions. For more information please contact us directly.

How is COVID-19 Affecting Production and/or Delivery?
While we are a small family operation. Suppliers had been slow to have their materials readily available. We had experienced minor delays that have slowed our production due to a lack of certain materials. We make every effort to continue our building in a timely manner as best as can be done under the circumstances..

As for Shipping, we use FedEx for all House Shipments and may use the USPS for smaller replacement pieces and other items. We continue to monitor FedEx weekly for any changes in their shipping times. As for the USPS, we have seen a few extra days added to deliveries on the most basic items sent First Class AND Priority Mail.

How much does the Advent House cost?
The advent house retails for $2,695.95USD + $160.00 USD Shipping. But for a limited time, the cost is $2,495.95 USD + $160.00 USD Shipping. International shipping will be priced upon request. The price has been determined due to the time it takes to hand build each House and the heavy amount of brickwork involved in the buidling process. Some extras like Coach Lights, Extra Dormers and our Enhancment Package may be added at an additional cost. Please note: International import duties will apply to orders shipped outside the United States.

How much is the Deposit to Commission a Christmas Advent House?
Currently, commissions can be made with a $395.00 deposit. An invoice for the standard balance will be due prior to the House's completion and within a month of the expected completion date. Shipping charges will be due just prior to the House's completion and shipping. We accept PayPal transactions, but payments can also be made through our PayPal system with your MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express. If you would like to make other arrangements for payment (method/payment schedule), we will be happy to try and meet your needs. Please contact us directly.

If I place an order now, will it be delivered by Christmas 2024?
We are currently sold out for 2023 AND 2024. YOu can still commission a Christmas Advent House for 2025. If you still would like to be put on our waiting list, please email us directly.

Can you help me build my own house or sell plans to build it myself?
Unfortunately, no. On the surface, building your own house may sound like a fun idea (It's a passion of ours). But please understand how much time and work are involved to fully complete your house will live up to your expectations. You will need many special tools and equipment to precisely cut each piece for the house.

What are my payment options and how is payment addressed?
Our system accepts PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, Debit Cards and is now set up to accept Venmo through PayPal. An invoice for any Extras will be due closer to completion of your House. Shipping charges will be due just prior to the House's completion and shipping. We accept PayPal transactions, but payments can also be made through our PayPal system with your MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express. If you would like to make other arrangements for payment (method/payment schedule), we will be happy to try and meet your needs. Please contact us directly.

What if my House takes longer than expected? Is my order refundable?
Yes. However, once personalized items for a House are order and/or started, we will not be able to offer a refund.
In the event you wish to receive a refund prior to the House's expected delivery, we may not be able to refund any precessing charges from PayPal or Credit Card companies. In the event of any unexpected delays in build times, special material availablity, personal injury, acts of God or any other issue that would result in delayed completion, the House may need to be pushed back past any expected delivery date. Customers will not hold Christmas Advent House liable under any circumstances.

How will my Advent House be shipped?
Each house is professionally packed with extreme care and shipped upon completion and only after payment is received in full. We use FedEx and each order House is fully insured. A Adult Signature upon delivery.

How much to ship the Christmas Advent House to Canada or Internationally?
Obviously, the price of shipping will be higher than our regular $160 price. Canada orders can expect shipping charges to be an over $200 plus any import duty charges. Some locations may be higher while overseas charges will be quite higher plus import duties.

What is the Advent House made of?
Each house is made of 1/4" wood. Each window is designed from basswood. The beautiful texture and subtle inperfections of wood bring out the magnificent richeness of each house, making them truly unique from each other. The exterior siding of the house is made of brick and real mortar. Every house comes with electric wiring to illuminate the entire house from door to tower.

I see a lot of new Extras and options. What's the difference?
We classify an Extra as something which will require a small fee, like Coach Lights (when available), Mailboxes, Extras Dormers, Working Clock Tower and our Enhancment Package. An option is something that can be chosen from a collection of different items, which come included in the cost. Current Options are our Door, Tower and Fence. You will be able to choose the Options & Exrtas after placing your commission and confirmation email is sent.

I repeatedly hear about all the detail in the house. What are they?
As mentioned, we use brick and real mortar to give the house an extra elegant feel. We have added steps to the front door. We also have added extra windows to each side of the house (two on each side's first floor and two on each side's second floor). This adds to the realism of the house. These windows are also lit from inside. The fence along the roof line is very detailed give the house a slight gothic mansion feel.

Are the images in the photos the same ones that will be in my house?
Please view the Window Image gallery for the current photos that will be placed in our Advent House. Older images may be retired for new images. We also reserve to right to replace images without prior notice.

Can my Christmas Advent House be customized?
Yes. You may choose several different pre-selected customized options for your house, like tower designs and front door designs. You can view the options by clicking here. We also have extra enhancements you may choose to add to your house. A plaque is added to the House and will include the House Number, Year Build and Family Name. Family Names & Company information on the plaque is STANDARD and can not be omitted.

Other customization like paint color and other options may be available upon request. Please note that extras and customization will incur extra build time, which may delay the completion of the placed order.

What are the dimensions and weight of the Advent House?
Each house is approximately 30"W x 28"H x 13"D at it's widest points.

Are the windows, tower and front door numbered?
Yes. Beginning with the tower as number one, each window's keystone is numbered along with the date displayed inside. A keystone over the front door marks the 24th, while inside displays the date, Dec. 24



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