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December 29, 2018


The newest release brings a whole new group of Options & Extras. Our newest additions bring the Christmas Advent House to a whole new level of majesty.

- Our updated site now has a fresher look.
- Also allows existing customers to order replacement Coach Light Bulbs & Spires.

- The Quadrofoil Tower (Formerly named Trefoil Tower).
- New Trefoil Tower
- New Gothic Fence (Available for purchase to existing Homeowners).

- New Number 1 Working Clock Tower (Available for Purchase to existing Homeowners).


- Our all-new hand painted, LIMITED EDITION glass Christmas Ball is now availble for Purchase through our website.

December 14, 2018

Join us on FACEBOOK LIVE!!! Christmas Advent House will announce new features and items on December 29, 2018 at 9PM EST. This new items will include new Options & Extras, as some other surprises. Visit our FACEBOOK PAGE to join the event.

November 26, 2018

- NEW FOR 2019!
We are proud to announce our new, custom made Wrought Iron Style Front Door for our Christmas Advent House. This new element has been personally and uniquely designed by us to enhance your future House. It lends a delicate and airy look of ironwork to create solid, but at the same time, very exquisite and refined look. It is the first of a handful of new design elements for the coming year.

Wrought Iron Door


August 15, 2018

- New Christmas Advent House Ornament

Celebrate the Christmas season with our just announced Christmas Advent House Ornament. This working window. Whether your a current House Owner or just a fan, this ornament can be personalized with your Family Name. You''ll be able to choose from three different images for the inside of the window. And for House owners, you can get a picture of the House with your House Number on the Keystone. This ornament will retail for $39.99 + plus shipping. Pre-order sign up requests will receive their ornament for just $35.00 + shipping.

Sign up for to request your pre-order, availablity information and other updates.

October 24, 2017

Christmas TrainChristmas Advent House has retired another image, which has been part of our House from the beginning. Originally in 2008, our Nutcracker has graced the Number 20 window. This image was actually a photo of a real 6-foot nutcracker we owned and displayed in our home each Christmas. WHile one of our most personal images, it was time to retire the image for a new, more detailed design.

We are proud to announce an all-new Nutcracker is taking it's place for 2018. This new image is a perfect addtion to our House and we are proud to display it. Our all New Nutcracker is now in rotation for many Houses that will be delivered for the remainder of 2017.



October 11, 2017

Christmas TrainChristmas Advent House has retired our original Number 3 image and is thrilled to announce we have added a new Christmas Train for 2018. This new image keeps the same design style and is a wonderful new addition to the images seem in the House. This snowy train design is now in rotation for many new Houses that will be delivered for the remainder of 2017.



October 5, 2017

We will be announcing the retirement of some images from our Christmas Advent House in the coming weeks and months ahead. We will be replacing these retired images with all new images for our Christmas Advent Hous 2018. They will be a wonderful addition to our already popular House. One or more of these images may appear in some of our 2017 Houses which are scheduled to be delivered in the last quarter of 2017.


October 1, 2017

- Christmas Advent House is now on Instagram. Visit us at


January 1, 2014

- Christmas Advent House is now on Pintrest. Visit us at



June 22, 2012

- NEW Official Logo
Christmas Advent House is proud to announce the release of our all new, official logo.


March 12, 2012

Christmas Advent House announces the release of it's newest option. Future home owners may choose to add a new brass mailbox to their commission. This mailbox, embossed with the words "U.S. Mail" and a symbol of an American Eagle is offered in two colors: brass & black. This option is considered an extra and is also available to previous homeowners.


January 5, 2012

We are happy to announce the newest feature our popular Christmas Advent House. Our new Fluted Window Frame design in now included in our Enhancement Package. The fluted design is, specifically, the detailed lines down the sides of the frame and compliments the Front Door, which already has this design. The overall look adds a complete richness and elegance to every corner of the Christmas Advent House.


December 30, 2011

Christmas Advent House launches an updated version of the website. The new site is larger than it's predicessor and includes a updated NEWS section.



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